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Corporate Events

  • MiHi Photo Booth uses high tech software for data capturing, roi tracking, and branding. Our elegant photo booths  and glamorous step and repeat backdrops with red carpet options will bring in the crowds.

  • We’ve got your Social Media Marketing covered

    A photo booth will draw crowds to your exhibit and send them off with little pieces of marketing that they’re excited to share with the world! The photo strips they walk away with combined with the many other services we offer will promote your brand in a positive and powerful way!


    First, the glamour of our VIP Style Red Carpet Setup with a custom Step and Repeat Backdrop will draw your potential customer over to your exhibit. From there, each picture they take can not only be printed with your custom branded layout design but also be sent to a social media kiosk where they can then post to their social media accounts. Your branding and advertising will reach potential customers outside of your event as the photos are shared with one another, all with your custom branding displayed on it.

    We can also watermark each picture with your logo that way your brand stays on each individual photo that is uploaded and shared!

    Your customer can also email the photo for further online sharing in places such as their personal website, Instagram, or their blog. If they decide to do so, we are able to provide any message or link in their email, giving you the choice to let them in on some special promotions or provide them with information on how they can get your product! This is also a great way to build your targeted email lists for future marketing purposes!

    Do you have a new Facebook page or one that needs some serious work? We can boost your page’s likes by requiring guests to like your company Facebook page before they can upload and share your photo! Those photos they upload? You can also have a premade message that will display on every photo description uploaded.